What is Digital marketing? How does it help in Business

Waiting for customers to find you? Not a good plan to rely on for your business. Whether a new business or an old one. Every business needs a marketing strategy. Just having good product or service is not enough. Digital marketing is essential for everyone.

As coined years ago, the term “Digital marketing” is used to market the right audience digitally.

Digital marketing will solve problem and help you reach more customers digitally.  Not only gaining customers but it helps you to retain customers. 

Digital marketing solutions

Save your time and money by marketing digitally. Want to know how?

Digital marketing will open up an enormous huge market for your business. Cost-saving techniques and Digital marketing strategies will help you to grow. 

Simply, Digital marketing will meet you with your potential customers searching for services like you. This too in a more cost-effective way. Get all your questions answered with this blog. 

What is Digital marketing?

Digital marketing is any kind of marketing which involves marketing on electronic platforms. Digital channels such as mobiles, Social media, Search engines or any websites. 

Or simply, it’s advertising on any electronic devices. 

Digital marketing comprises of both the online and offline market. 

Nowadays, customers rely on the Internet for knowing a brand. Digital marketing will help brand awareness. Now

Do Digital marketing matters?

Digital marketing is not just reaching out to customers. It has a lot more than that. You can connect to your customers digitally. 

Remember that billboards on roads? How many times do you remember buying things in reference to that billboards?

Might be a few times or not at all. Cause the billboards and newspaper ads fail to make a connection with you effectively. 

Save your time, money and increase sales by using Digital marketing strategies. 

As technology is getting advanced more and more people are switching digitally. Approximately _ people spend time on smartphones daily. 

Types of Digital marketing

Listed some digital marketing tactics you should be focusing on-

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is simply Optimising your website to rank higher on Google. It helps you get free organic traffic on search engines. SEO of websites, blogs and social media is a must. It helps in increasing the domain authority and site authority. 

SEO marketing strategy

Numerous things will help you in SEO. Some are listed below.

On page SEO

On page, SEO focuses majorly on the content on a website or blog. includes keyword optimization and improving the quality of your content. For ease, try to answer all questions related to your content. Use meta descriptions, meta tags for better results. On the page, SEO is majorly focused on ranking higher in SERPs results. 

Off page SEO

SEO of all the activities that are going on back of the page. Activities like backlinks or inbound links are equally important in optimising the site. Simply, if a high authority site links to you then it’s considered as a recommendation for you by Google. This recommendation of links is backlinks. Backlinks are also important for SEO. You can easily get backlinks by connecting with publishers. Guest blogging is a great option for getting backlinks. For guest blogging, you have to write content for a high authority site and in return, you will get a link back to your site. The more links you get the higher authority you will be considered by Google. 

Technical SEO 

Technical SEO is handling the backend activities of your site. Code of your site, Image compression, checking the security of your site, CSS file optimization all come in the technical part. The goal of doing all this is to achieve the least loading speed. Loading speed is a great factor considered by Google. 

Content Marketing

Marketing Digitally

Creating content is for brand awareness, lead generation, and acquiring customers. 

Content marketing is always a good option for getting new customers. 

Business owners usually prefer content marketing as an initial step. Usually having to get started with marketing is content marketing. You just need a very informative blog post to make your customers find you easily. The blog should be informative and helpful to your customers. Try e provide value to your customers through your blogs. 

Not just blogs- Content marketing is not just blog writing. You can make video content, infographics and much more.

Either you are a small business or just starting off with content marketing is always a must. 

Get free Customers through content marketing- Unlike paid ads you don’t need to pay $1.50 per click. You can get thousands of free customers on your blogs. You can get a blog written at a very low cost. 

Content Marketing is most cost-saving and great for any business.

Some tips for content marketing

  • Create blog posts
  • Create infographics for your business
  • Make YouTube videos for your business.

Social media marketing

It’s about promoting your brand on Social media using Social media strategies. Social media has got millions of active users. Also, social media marketing increases brand awareness in much less time. Social media will generate more leads to your business. Market on popular platforms like. 

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
Social media marketing strategies

If you are having problem to market on social media we can help you. Get connected with more customers through us. Easily target a huge audience through our social media marketing strategies. 

Pay per click( PPC)

PPC is Pay per click. This is a method to drive traffic to your website through paid ads. Most Popular method is Goggle ads. 

This is a great option for you if you want to drive huge traffic to your website.

PPC also includes many other options like Facebook ads, Twitter ad campaign, etc. 

PPC on Facebook leads through posts, images, videos and many other. Similarly on Twitter. The main goal of paid ads is to show ads to a targeted audience. 

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you get commission for marketing others product or service. Most famous affiliate program is of Amazon. You get commission on products that you suggest to your customers. You can get commission by leaving links on your social media pages.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a great option to promote your content, blogs, discounts, or anything. You can send follow up emails. You can send a discount coupon or offers to existing customers. 

A great option to retain your existing customers. You can get connected to your customers and let them know about you. 

Inbound marketing

Marketing to attract customers at every stage of their buying journey. Inbound marketing helps to attract customers and delight them. In this Marketing, you can use any strategy mentioned above. 

Blogging and email marketing is also part of inbound marketing. 

What a Digital marketers do? Do you need one for your business?

A digital marketer will bring customers by spreading awareness about your business online. They usually generate leads to your business by using marketing strategies digitally. They generate leads through content marketing, social media, paid ads, emails, and much more. 

Digital Marketing strategies for online business

Focus on KPIs( Key performance indicators). For instance,

  •  An SEO specialist will focus on the SEO performance of the site. They help to rank on Google by using S EO strategies. 
  • Keep tracking how much time a user was on the site. Uses many content strategies to increase user readability and user experience. 
  • Uses social media marketing strategies for spreading brand awareness. 
  • Use email marketing campaigns for your business. 
You might have heard this many times- Doing business is not easy!

You need digital help as the competition is going up every day. Not only big but digital marketing is crucial for small businesses too. Digital marketing has a great impact on customers than traditional marketing. 

Search Engines like Google and others bring 93% of traffic to websites. People look for businesses online rather than going offline. 

  • You will grow fast by digital marketing- Nowadays, small businesses focus on digital marketing. Don’t be late- As the competition is growing your competitor might make the first move. Get more customers through Marketing digitally. 
  • Cost-effective way- As all the expenses that count in business. Consider digital marketing as one. You might already have experience with traditional marketing. Traditional marketing costs you more than Digital marketing.
  • Want high conversions? Businesses generated 78% more profit by social media. Email marketing campaigns and strategies have noted to do well. 
  • Target right audience– This is always a drawback in Traditional marketing. You might have seen children’s making paper planes of advertisement paper. Most of the time the marketing by traditional means does not reach the right audience. But that’s not the case in digital marketing. As you reach directly to your customers who are willing to buy your product or service. 
  • Influences people to buy- Yes! You can effectively use strategies to make people buy from you. This all becomes possible by Digital marketing. 
Get more conversions to your business with our Digital marketing strategies. Get measurable results and track your growth. 
We will help you get more conversions through CTA strategy. Know more! 

Does Digital marketing work for all businesses?

Digital marketing is for all businesses. It doesn’t matter which industry or service you provide. Digital marketing works for all businesses. Every business needs customers and needs a strategy to reach them. It’s about knowing customers behaviour and buying pattern to sell them effectively. Valuable content is created with help of buyers personas. However, Digital marketing strategies can be different for all businesses. 

Are you a B2B or B2C? What type of Digital marketing strategies do you need? 

If your business is B2B, strategies should be focused on lead generation. Lead generation can be simple with help of Digital marketing. The end goal of the concept should be meeting or talking to the salesman in person. Getting connected on the other end is important in your business. You may need a website or an informational blog to do so. No worry, you can easily create a website for your site. Using Digital marketing strategies for your site will help you reach thousands of customers. 

Some Digital marketing strategies for B2B company-

  • Get information about your customers. Get ready with strong buyers persona. Market research will help you to get know the taste of your clients. 
  • Website- Yes you need an informative website for your business. Nowadays, every business does have a website. It’s your presence on the Internet. 80% of people come to you through websites. 
  • SEO- You need to focus a lot on SEO of your website. SEO is a must for every webpage. Get your SEO done by an SEO specialist. 
  • Do PPC campaigns for your business. 
  • Establish your brand on Social media. Social media has got a lot of users daily. Higher chances that you will drive huge clients from social media. 

B2C Digital marketing strategies

B2C businesses should focus on gaining customers through the website or social media. Here you don’t need to talk to the salesperson. According to your price and products, you can target a huge market on Social media through ads or useful content. 

 Making landing pages to your website always works for B2C. Channels like Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram are more likely to generate more conversions. 

For more Marketing strategies and SEO Contactdeepkhatri.com. Get Consultation from SEO specialist and get more clients for your business. 

Reasons Why is Digital marketing so important?

Most effective that Traditional marketing. Simply, cause it helps you reach a large number of audience. 

Target right audience that will buy from you. 

You can reach to your target audience. Unlike traditional marketing, you can reach the right audience who are willing to buy your product or service. It’s cost-saving and more beneficial. You can track your progress through many tools in Digital marketing. 

Most important points that make Digital marketing win over Traditional marketing. 

You are likely known to the fact that you don’t have much control over who is seeing your ads in traditional marketing. You are not able to target people who are likely to buy your product. 

On the other hand, you have the right control on whom you are showing your ads. And targeting customers who are willing to buy your product. You can target a specific age, gender, interests, or behaviours. PPC strategies will help you to do so. 

You can target the audience through market research conducted by Digital marketers. 

Save a lot and is more effective than traditional marketing

You have a choice here to choose where you want to spend. Do you want a website or a blog? Ads on Google or any other social media marketing.

Occupy huge market and compete with big players in your industry. 

Digital marketing will help you grow in many ways. You can enter into a big market. Starting as a small business your goal must be just having customers in your store. But going online you can enter into the real market. 

By targeting customers online through some long tail keywords will help you to outreach the potential audience. On search engines it doesn’t matter if you are a big brand or small. It just consider your reach and how you serve your customers online. 

You can also target huge market by connecting with influencer with huge reach. 

Measure your progress- 

Marketing in digital form always has an advantage of measuring your progress. You can measure any aspect you want. From your data to your competitor’s data. You can have a track of all.

Check your competitor’s strategy- Check views, content, shares or even what backlinks they got for their page. You can track real-time results. Track many ROI on your website.

Track website traffic- You can track website traffic and know how many people visited your page. You can have details of what age and gender the audience are. 

Identify your audience- As you know we can target an audience that is willing to purchase. Modify your content according to the platform. For instance, as an Instagram user are usually young. So, you can sell products related to youth on Instagram. Create landing pages to your websites. 

Determine what is your need and spend accordingly in marketing digitally

The budget you need to spend here depends on the features you want. Strategically people usually prefer a website in beginning.

If you are focusing on driving traffic through website and blogs you will need a less charge. You will need a less budget for inbound services. 

Searching for inbound services like a website, SEO, blogs. Get high-quality inbound services at a minimum cost starting at just. For starting you can use WordPress and  Elementor Website Builder for WordPress

For other services like PPC and ads, you need a little high budget. PPC and other services like Google ads will cost you a little high. It becomes difficult to rank if the competition of the keyword is very hard. Then it may cost you much. But if you properly focus on organic traffic through websites and SEO then you might not need ads. So if you are not ready to invest much on ads go for inbound services.

Make mobile friendly websites-

Mobile is a basic necessity nowadays. With 69% of active users daily, focus more on building a mobile-friendly digital asset. 

For a mobile-friendly website, you need to focus on many things. For this, optimise your digital ads, apps, blogs, web pages for mobile devices. Try to increase the user experience of your asset. Try to keep sentences short and easy to read. 

There are a few ways to make a mobile-friendly digital asset. To go easy, try to think about how a display ad or blogs would look in mobile devices. 

Keyword research- Keyword research is the most important step. Determining the competition of certain keyword is very important. Before starting with any keyword marketer first identifies it’s competition. Many tools are used to identify keywords difficulty. Always start to work on low competition keyword. 

What type of content your business need?

The kind of content your business needs depends on the buyer’s journey. Start by creating buyers persona depending on your customer journey. On the initial stage start by characteristics like who is going to buy control and role of the person in buying journey. 

Blogs- In awareness stage start with a blog post and infographics or short videos. Make the content relevant and after this comes the consideration stage. 

In this, you can right books, research reports, or organise webinars. Then comes the Decision stage. Go for case studies in which educate them about your websites. Testimonials are also a good option for your business. For better testimonials add photos and use hashtags where people can connect. 

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